Supervision and Quality

This means controlling the production by evaluating each production phase at Aalafs laboratory as its food mixes depends completely on the plants materials and their oils such as yellow corn, corn gluten and soybeans.

Production Steps

To guarantee the quality of Aalafs’ raw materials, the below steps must be followed:

  1. Choosing the raw material:
  • Scanning different samples of the raw material externally before the chemical testing regarding the fungus poison.
  • The acceptance of the material depends the scanning and testing results.
  • The required bio-security measures will be implemented before storing any container.  
  1. Raw materials storage at the factory:

Aalaf implements local and global standards regarding storing the raw materials at its factory.

  • The storage depends on the material type and its natural characteristics with a following controlling system. 
  • Aalaf mixes is prepared in compliance with the recommendations of World Nutrition Organization recommendations, which the quality and quantity of each container were calculated before adding them to an automated program in order to avoid the human mistakes.
  1. The Production:
  • Materials are grounded in the mills in order to increase the preparation area for the heat treatment. Also, Aalaf adds anti-fungal, anti-clostridia and coccidian, digestive enzymes and growth promoters to its feed mixes that are supported by synthetic essential amino acids such as  Methionine, Lucien, threonine, valine and tryptophan to boost the nutritional efficacy of the plants materials that are used for achieve the maximum growth rate.
  • The materials mixing preparations are done under a professional and constant control, to ensure the consistency of Aalaf feed formation.
  • Aalaf feed formation is transferred to specialized containers with pistons, followed by steaming process after pressing and granulating.
  • Cooling granulates is Aalafs newest process in feed production field.
  • In Aalaf, spraying is the last step of the milled feed production processes.
  • Aalaf feed will be loaded as crushed or granulated mixes and filled in containers after it was classified for each type, then it will be weighed and packed automatically.

At the end of Aalaf feed production phases, a sample of each type will be tested under specific conditions then will be stored in warehouses after receiving the analysis results and recommendations to be ready for distribution.

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