To know our future, we have to know first our history

Al Mairqab industrial investment was established in 1987
in Mesaieed city(the industrial city),the beginning was by establishing
stocks to store grains with capacity of ( 35 ) thousands tons , in order
to repacking it by the latest scientific systems, to provide the customers
and the local market with grains .
During the last three decades,we improved the products and the services
we provide, through building a fodder plant by the latest international
ways of manufacturing to provide our customers inside and outside
Qatar with the fodders .
Moreover,we are working on developing and improving the production
lines to provide the market’s needs.
We provide our services through our trade mark “Aalaf” (Fodders)
who is specialized in the animal food production.

:The company’s policy

The company continues its success and progress depending on:

- Providing a safe healthy work environment that is away from dangers.
- Improving our employees’ skills.
- Creating the suitable atmosphere through which the company’s
employees can participate in achieving its policy.
- The company considers its customers its focus of attention,
and it cares for their satisfaction, and it is working on achieving
all their needs and expectations.
- Our customers’ confidence is considered to be everything for us.
- Paving the way for a new future, and realizing the human dream
through thinking and facing the challenges.