Our Values

Our Policy

1 – Our products are safe to the environment and health and used to develop the animals breeding process and do not have any contaminants that may affect the quality of animals feed.

2 – We are committed to educate our clients on how to enhance the quality of their products under the highest standards as well as growing them in a pollution-free environment and about the safe and sustainable livestock farming.

3 – Animals, birds and other environmental factors that we work on and concerned about:

  • Ensuring our customers satisfaction and enhancing their communication

with all subsidiaries and divisions involved in the manufacturing and the
presentation of our products as well as the communication with the
regulatory and legislative bodies on our products safety and quality.

  • Working on being a creative prototype in the environment conservation field in which we work and live and to reduce the natural resources consumption in compliance with the sustainable development principles. Companies that work on the accidents, injuries and occupational diseases prevention.
  • Effective and continuous implementation improvements of a complete management system of quality, environment, food safety and occupational health in line with the most recent global system requirements.

  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Our Goal

Since its establishment five years ago, Aalaf has been presenting a good image in the local market, as it is willing to become one of the lead companies in feed production field in Qatar, and aiming to deliver the best products to its customers in order to achieve great conversion rates, best feed duration and very high standards with the best prices.
After completing a significant part in poultry, Aalaf has moved from hatchery to poultry farms then to modern slaughterhouses and finally to preparation and packaging.

Aalaf is focusing on knowing the local market need in order to cover them effectively through the following:

  1. Understanding the customers’ needs and working on fulfill them.
  2. Exploiting the company’s’ open opportunities and resources in terms of:
  • The use of modern European tools and equipment and employing skilled, qualified and well trained personnel.
  • Finalizing agreements between Aalaf and large companies in feed field, to leverage their experience in reducing the working cycle time efficiently with maintaining the highest value for the customers with the lowest cost.
  1. Providing our customers with a mixture feed that is pure of fungal poison.
  2. Continuing our products developments while preserving their quality and maintaining an ideal environment.

Being on the top rankings in feed production field is the main goal of Aalaf as well as achieving the best possible profit for its customers and this will be through:

  1. Achieving best conversion rates.
  2. Reducing the cycle time.

After fulfilling that, Aalaf will be closer than anytime time to the leadership in this industry.

Production Steps

To guarantee the quality of Aalafs’ raw materials, the below steps must be followed:

1 – Choosing the raw material:

  • Scanning different samples of the raw material externally before the chemical testing regarding the fungus poison.
  • The acceptance of the material depends the scanning and testing results.
  • The required bio-security measures will be implemented before storing any container.

2 – Raw materials storage at the factory:

Aalaf implements local and global standards regarding storing the raw materials at its factory.

  • Scanning different samples of the raw material externally before the chemical testing regarding the fungus poison.
  • The acceptance of the material depends the scanning and testing results.
  • The required bio-security measures will be implemented before storing any container.

3 – The Production:

Materials are grounded in the mills in order to increase the preparation area for the heat treatment. Also, Aalaf adds anti-fungal, anti-clostridia and coccidian, digestive enzymes and growth promoters to its feed mixes that are supported by synthetic essential amino acids such as Methionine, Lucien, threonine, valine and tryptophan to boost the nutritional efficacy of the plants materials that are used for achieve the maximum growth rate.

  • The materials mixing preparations are done under a professional and constant control, to ensure the consistency of Aalaf feed formation.
  • Aalaf feed formation is transferred to specialized containers with pistons, followed by steaming process after pressing and granulating.
  • Cooling granulates is Aalafs newest process in feed production field.
  • In Aalaf, spraying is the last step of the milled feed production processes.
  • Aalaf feed will be loaded as crushed or granulated mixes and filled in containers after it was classified for each type, then it will be weighed and packed automatically.

At the end of Aalaf feed production phases, a sample of each type will be tested under specific conditions then will be stored in warehouses after receiving the analysis results and recommendations to be ready for distribution.

Assurance and Quality

This means controlling the production by evaluating each production phase at Aalafs laboratory as its food mixes depends completely on the plants materials and their oils such as yellow corn, corn gluten and soybeans.

Social Responsibilities

In line with Qatar 2030 of vision of developing the country through sustaining the economic, technical and social development progress as Qatar will work on enhance the level of its improvements and shed the light on the importance as a local and a global community.

  • Aalaf is willing to be a pioneering company in animal feed and husbandry developing fields by producing the best quality of feed in addition to its economic contribution as well as achieving the self-sufficiency in the company.
  • Aalaf is committed to Qatar 2030 vision by its contributions to the local community and partnering with the livestock producers that it works with.
  • Aalaf uses the most modern and echo-friendly technologies in the whole production process.

Interaction with people and community

Aalaf supports Qatar’s 2030 national vision, by following the below:

  • Environment development
  • Economic development
  • Social devel
  • Human developmentopment
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