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We produce high-quality animal feed for various types of livestock to increase their productivity and promote excellent animal health. With over thirty years of experience and the use of the latest and most advanced technologies, we believe we can achieve self-sufficiency in providing the best food for livestock in Qatar and abroad. Our products are permanently available on the market.

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Aalaf offers a wide range of high quality and great performance products to its customers.

About The Company

Aalaf’s factory is situated in Mesaieed Industrial City, in the southern part of Qatar.

It has a surface area of about 37,000 square meters and is capable of producing 55,000 metric tons. The factory’s success is attributed to its high-quality control laboratories that use cutting-edge production technologies which enable the analysis of all materials with the utmost standards throughout and following the production process.

In the production process at Aalaf, the animal feed goes through 3 stages to improve its quality. While 2 of them are designed to meet the herd’s nutritional needs in Qatar, the European production line makes a major contribution to the description of the final characteristics of the products and their quality.

Aalaf also combines the commercial bird feed with the large animal feed lines. Aalaf is considered to be one of the main suppliers providing complete services to farmers in order to help them achieve the highest levels of productivity and profitability along with supporting them with an extra free of charge after-sales services provided by its health and nutrition consultants to boost the farmers’ production efficiency as part of Aalaf’s main goals.

Aalaf uses the latest and modern means of transportation to deliver its products to customers in the shortest possible time. What sets it apart as a leading figure in the industry is the fact that it has distributers located throughout Qatar.

About Us (Brand)

  • Aalaf has over 30 years of experience in the animal feed industry in Qatar.
  • The company was founded in 1984 in Qatar.
  • In addition to its free consultation and after-sales services, Aalaf supports its clients to get the most out of their investment.
  • Aalaf is focused on innovating its operations to achieve a balance between food and business, with the goal of elevating its livestock production and overall business.
  • The factory is operated under the trade name “Aalaf” and it is the trademark of Al-Mairqab Industrial Investment (Aalaf) WLL, which is also the only local product in Qatar that narrows the gap between internal consumptions and imports.
  • It started producing livestock feed and feed ingredients to serve the local market.
  • It operates a silo that handles 40,000MT of grain and 9,000MT flat store for soyabean meals in bulk.
  • Aalaf helps livestock keepers to create the best conditions to boost their herd’s potential for a better performance.
  • Today, Al Mairqab Industrial Investment – Aalaf – has 70% of the Qatar market share and works on expanding it to serve the whole local market.
  • Its success story is built on a well-known local brand that works with international standards.
  • Al-Mairqab Industrial Investment (Aalaf) has significantly enhanced its efficiency and ensured sustainability by establishing partnerships with various sectors, allowing for the introduction of high-quality grains on an annual basis
  • Aalaf Grains Tank is specialized in grain handling and its logistics.

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