Environmental and Safety Consultation

Minimum Best Management Practices (BMPs)
- Implementation of the minimum BMPs (mostly nonstructural)
to the extent feasible required
- Represents common practices at industrial facilities
- Basis for compliance with technology‐based effluent
limitations and water quality based receiving water

Advanced BMPs
- Mostly structural and exceed the performance
expectation of minimum BMPs
- Required to meet design storm standards
- Consists of: treatment control BMPs, exposure
reduction BMPs, and storm water containment and
discharge reduction BMPs
- Utilize advanced BMPs that infiltrate or reuse storm
water (where feasible)

Design Storm Standards for Treatment Control BMPs
- 85th percentile 24‐hour storm standard for
volume based criteria
- 85th percentile 1‐hour rainfall intensity for flow
based criteria.
- LA SUSMP requirement and CASQA BMP Manual
- Requires local historical rainfall records
- Dischargers are not required to retrofit existing
treatment control BMPs until possibly