Committees and Study Groups

The committees and study groups of the Aalaf CO provide the mechanism by which association policy is developed and through which planning is conducted for various Aalaf events and economic services. They also are the forum for problem resolution within the industry and they provide the means by which detailed study and analysis on issues and concerns can be conducted. Aalaf members are encouraged to volunteer for committee service since this how they can participate in the decision making of the association.

The Aalaf Committees are as follows:

The Grain Study Group is composed of representatives of those firms merchandising, milling, growing, warehousing, exporting, using or otherwise involved in the distribution of grains and grain products. The study group monitors actions of the Grain Inspection Packers and Stockyards Administration, CDFA Ag Commodities and Regulatory Services Branch, the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service's Warehouse Division, LAGE, the Market Enforcement Branch, the Bureau of Weights and Measures, other agencies within CDFA and USDA which impact the grain industry, and the national associations (NGFA, NAEGA, GEAPS, NGTC, NFGC, and others). The group addresses major problems facing grain industry and recommends solutions to CGFA Board of Directors for action and implementation, provides input on legislation and regulations impacting the grain industry, and maintains a liaison with the California Association of Wheat Growers and California Wheat Commission. Current issues of concern include the recently enacted Market Enforcement Program Reforms and the Karnal bunt quarantine.